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Saint Anne Almshouse

Saint Anne Almshouse
This is one of the oldest almshouses in Leiden. A testamentary deposition was made by the brewer Willem Claesz and Hillegont Willemsdr. De Bruyn, his wife, in their will drawn up in 1491. in which they left some of their property to found an almshouse for elderly ladies of good name and reputation. They died in 1491 and 1492. After their death their children endowed a chapel, which was not actually consecrated until 1509. This vaulted chapel, with its octagonal choir was overlooked by the iconoclasts in 1566, thus it preserves the oldest altar in the North Netherlands. It contains some interesting paintings. The almshouse still receives interest of 400 guilders a year from a loan made in 1604!. In former times the almshouse was also the legatee of each deceased inhabitant. It is till inhabited by unmarried ladies, who are not expected to be either elderly or poor. The chapel is open: Saturday from 2 -4 p.m. or by appointment by telephone.